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A pioneering solution simplifying healthcare workflows by efficiently transcribing clinical audio and then summarizing it into concise, actionable insights.


A top-tier language model condenses journal text into concise patient summaries, enhancing healthcare documentation for efficient record management.

Proof of Concept

Our work represents a notable achievement in the field of healthcare AI. Through careful fine-tuning of state-of-the-art instruction based Large Language Models (LLM) on Swedish clinical journal notes and electronic health records, we’ve developed models tailored for automating and enhancing various critical tasks. These models excel in automatically annotating raw text with structured clinical codes, a pivotal aspect of healthcare documentation. Moreover, they possess the capability to automatically summarize complex journal notes, extracting vital information, and even crafting comprehensive state-of-the-art discharge summaries. By streamlining these processes, we aim to minimize redundancy, reduce clinical errors, and allow healthcare providers to spend more time with patients and less time on screens, ultimately improving the quality of patient care.

Validation and Testing

Evaluating LLMs performance on realistic text generation tasks within the healthcare domain presents unique challenges, primarily stemming from the intricate nature of clinical information. To address those, we’ve adopt a dual-pronged approach. First, we engage clinicians who assess and rank the automated LLM responses based on a predefined set of guidelines and provide feedback. Additionally, we incorporate standard language generation metrics such as COMET, BERTScore and more into our evaluation framework. Our commitment to providing you with dependable and efficient clinical insights drives us to adhere to the most rigorous scientific validation standards.


Leveraging our extensive healthcare collaborations and development expertise, we are strategically positioned to seamlessly integrate these groundbreaking solutions into the healthcare sector. Our deep-rooted partnerships and technical proficiency pave the way for a smooth implementation process. Together, we’ll bring these innovations to life, optimizing efficiency and standardizing care in healthcare facilities nationwide.

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